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Chelsea SwitchIt Jacket, Chocolate

CODE: 340014

$111.06   $77.74 ($85.51 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Now in Stock! Simple but stunning, Chelsea's a form-fitting jacket with contrasting metallic rings randomly strewn across the garment. Wear... More

Crystal Tunic, Pink

CODE: 1954-45

$159.00   $79.50 ($87.45 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Cool pink and orange fabric lives up to its name with overall surface sheen that shimmers like cracked ice. Shapely stretch show top, worn tails out... More

Marlo Blouse

CODE: 3881-40

$149.00   $74.50 ($81.95 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Pretty warm colours of whiskey, chocolate, persimmon, and caramel with black make Marlo attractive on nearly any colour horse, including hard-to-flatter... More

Melodie Tunic, Olive

CODE: 1234-53

$399.00   $279.30 ($307.23 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
What a pretty picture; intricate flourishes in Ultrasuede and metallic Shimmer dance on the collar, cuffs, and bodice of this elegant tunic top. Hundreds of... More

Rococo Tunic, Merlot

CODE: 1956-47

$169.00   $84.50 ($92.95 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Rococo's elegant paisley print in merlot and sand is covered with tiny merlot sequins, then made into a short tunic with flattering waistband detailing.... More

Vegas Tunic, Merlot

CODE: 1832-15

$199.00   $99.50 ($109.45 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Vegas is ready to win in beautifully detailed stretch fabric covered with tiny sequins that shimmer as you move. Vegas is versatile: wear... More

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