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XS (Aus 8) SALE

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Allure Tunic, Chocolate

CODE: 1728-14

$245.45   $90.00 ($99.00 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
An elegant blend of fabric and fit, the Allure Limited Edition tunic is flattering, versitile, and lovely. Beautifully detailed fabric has golden... More

Vegas Tunic, Black

CODE: 1832-01

$199.00   $99.50 ($109.45 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
It's showtime...and the Vegas is ready to win! Beautifully detailed stretch fabric is covered with tiny sequins that give a uniquely dramatic shimmer as... More

Snaffles Switch It Blouse, Copper

CODE: 3964-18

$59.00   $29.50 ($32.45 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Terrific equestrian motif glittery black slinky blouse is covered with snaffle bits in variegated shades of royal or copper. Invest in one SwitchIt collar... More

Cowgirl Tank Top

CODE: 894824

$90.00   $27.00 ($29.70 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Just for fun…our sequin tank tops feature a vintage pinup cowgirl print covered with tiny silver sequins. They’re cut like our Mirage Show... More

Hope Tunic

CODE: 1942-45

$189.00   $94.50 ($103.95 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Traditional camouflage fabric adds pink for feminine fun, topped with clear shimmering sequins. Pink ribbon motif with Swarovski crystal accents... More

Poppy Tunic, Platinum

CODE: 1960-30

$169.00   $84.50 ($92.95 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
A beautiful border print fabric in chocolate/caramel/black features long-stemmed poppies tailored into a flattering short tunic with waistband... More

Ravenna Jacket, Purple

CODE: 145210

$199.94   $139.96 ($153.96 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Now In Stock! Stunning animal print fabric with overall reflective foil accents is tailored into a fitted tunic. Ultrasuede bands on collar and cuff... More

Columbia Horsemanship Blouse, Black

CODE: 344501

$199.94   $139.96 ($153.96 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Now in Stock! A marvelous mix of silver and gold sequins grace Columbia in an elegant art deco design. Back zip horsemanship blouse fits like... More

Trinity Blouse, Silver

CODE: 344719

$255.50   $178.85 ($196.74 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Now in Stock! Striking Trinity blouse dazzles with rows of square metallic jewels, dotted with AB crystals and large nailheads. An... More

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