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Artemis Take Away Ten, Green

CODE: 163403

$309.09 ($340.00 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Lush sequined center panels and sleeves pair with black stretch side panels to create the illusion of a smaller waistline when your ride or compete in... More

Backgammon Suit, Rust

CODE: 1444-60

$554.44   $388.11 ($426.92 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Backgammon Suit, Carousel Collection   Great geometric lines keep you in the game with the Backgammon suit. Firm but stretchy Hobbyflex fabric... More

Cha Cha Jacket, White

CODE: 162208

$263.64 ($290.00 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Shimmering Cha Cha comes in vivid colors with rows of glitter dots that shine like thousands of crystals atop black vertical bands. Outstanding in the show... More

Gaelina Blouse, Black

CODE: 362401

$140.91 ($155.00 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Simple yet stunning, Gaelina blouses combine great stretch with shimmering glitter accents in an abstract, flowing design. Beautiful as is, and also lovely... More

Kareena Jacket, Turqua

CODE: 161048

$295.45 ($325.00 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Fantastic texture and bold, shimmering colors make a gorgeous lace with braid and sequin inserts that is layered over a comfortable stretch lining. Length... More

Kiana Blouse, Rust

CODE: 367860

$140.91 ($155.00 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Warm shades of the sun- chocolate, tan, rust- swirl across this pretty stretch show blouse, all topped with shimmering gold foil to create a gorgeous top... More

Lariat Vest, Black

CODE: 260401

$200.00 ($220.00 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Lasso a great vest look with Lariat! Soutache braid is studded with tiny shimmering sequins to add shine and interest to this fitted lace show vest.... More

Leonetti Blouse, Olive

CODE: 342253

$99.94   $69.96 ($76.96 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Now in Stock! Contemporary print + great colors + sequins = a great show blouse! Leonetti has mushroom, olive, and black in a chalked design, all... More

Lily Blouse, Black

CODE: 360401

$186.36 ($205.00 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Abstract black and white botanical print is washed with gold foil for shine and shimmer as you ride; faux-jeweled collar makes a lovely frame for your face. More

Melodie Tunic, Olive

CODE: 1234-53

$399.00   $279.30 ($307.23 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
What a pretty picture; intricate flourishes in Ultrasuede and metallic Shimmer dance on the collar, cuffs, and bodice of this elegant tunic top. Hundreds of... More

Pearle Blouse, Black

CODE: 3370-01

$171.82 ($189.00 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Pearle's the perfect combination of style, color, and comfort. Flattering tailored blouse fits like a sports glove made from soft, stretchy Hobbytech... More

Pearle Blouse, White

CODE: 3370-08

$171.82 ($189.00 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Pearle's the perfect combination of style, color, and comfort. Flattering tailored blouse fits like a sports glove made from soft, stretchy Hobbytech... More

Pinque Blouse, Fuchsia

CODE: 3534-12

$106.60 ($117.26 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Sunset shades of fuchsia and orange with black and white contrasts make for a bold color story in this comfortable stretch blouse. Gold metallic foil... More

Reindance Blouse, Black

CODE: 342601

$131.82   $99.93 ($109.92 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Now in Stock! An instant classic show-ring blouse, Reindance comes in a rainbow of colors, all in shimmering stretch base fabric topped with several... More

Rochelle Vest, Royal

CODE: 260211

$263.64 ($290.00 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
This year's most beautiful fabric makes a very lovely vest with tiny matte and shiny sequins creating a subtle vertical accent to trim your torso as you... More

Spectra Jacket, Black

CODE: 145001

$199.94   $139.96 ($153.96 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Now in Stock! Simply dazzling, Spectra's black stretch base is topped with a rainbow of colored sequins that shine as you move. A spectacular top... More

Splendor Blouse, Black

CODE: 3562-01

$133.27 ($146.60 inc GST)
Hobby Horse
Definitely different, vivid stretch fabric is printed with huge peacock feathers, then topped with shimmering crescent sequins for incredible shine.... More

Western Collection Medusa Jacket
$727.27 ($800.00 inc GST)
Western Collection
This collection of stunning jackets are all made in the USA from the finest quality materials. The workmanship and attention to detail is evident in each... More

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