Feeding and Care of the Horse, second edition

The Complete Horse Care Book - including full-color coverage of toxic plant poisonings.

Feeding and Care of the Horse is an essential reference for anyone training, treating, breeding or owning horses. Dr. Lewis, a widely recognized veterinary researcher, teacher, and consultant on equine nutrition and care, has condensed his highly-acclaimed textbook - Equine Clinical Nutrition, Feeding and Care - into this indispensable guide to all aspects of horse care. You'll find:

  • Characteristics, pros, cons and use of feeds and supplements
  • Maximising pasture benefits
  • Money-saving advice on nutrition, care and management
  • Strategies for the prevention and treatment of diseases
  • Vital information on growth, reproduction, old age and care during weather extremes and for athletic or show performance
  • Unique, full-color coverage of 79 poisonous plants
  • New data on developmental bone disease
  • Practical guide for housing, bedding, fencing, and record keeping
  • Specific management for behavior, foot, teeth, hair coat and parasite problems
  • Over 100 descriptive tables and illustrations
  • An extensive glossary

In this handy volume, Dr. Lewis provides everything you need to know about quality, cost-effective horse management and care.

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