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English Bits

Baucher 14mm Snaffle 5"

CODE: 89-90015

$45.41 ($49.95 inc GST)
Stainless Steel. The baucher is most often seen in use for showjump and dressage phases in eventing. The reins attach to the eggbutt-like ring at the... More

Big Dee Hunter Snaffle Bit S/S

CODE: 014734

$54.50 ($59.95 inc GST)

*FINISH - Stainless Steel * Snaffle *CP - 3" Dee Rings Availble in Cob (5") or Full (51/2")

Big Dee Hunter Snaffle Bit S/S with Hooks

CODE: 014773

$63.59 ($69.95 inc GST)
Big Dee Hunter Snaffle Bit with Hooks FINISH - Stainless Steel CP - 3" Dee Rings, Lifter Rings Level Two     Availble... More

English Curb Chain Hooks

CODE: 008421

$3.59 ($3.95 inc GST)
Stainless Steel. Curb Chain Hooks fore a Dee Bit or an Myler Egbuut Bit More

Hunter Dee Ring with Lifter Rings and Ported Mouth

CODE: 014732

$95.45 ($105.00 inc GST)
5" Hunter Hunter Dee Ring with Lifter Rings and Ported Mouth Stainless Steel. With hooks. More

Hunter Dee Slow Twist Snaffle Bit

CODE: 014909

$63.59 ($69.95 inc GST)

•A Stainless Steel bit
•Mouthpeice - 5" Snaffle, Slow Twisted
•3" Hunter Dee Rings

Kimberwick Correction Bit

CODE: 014784

$63.59 ($69.95 inc GST)

Stainless steel kimberwicke. 5" correction mouth with copper rollers. Flat loops at top allowing headstall to lay properly. Two rein loops for different positions.

Kimberwick Low Port Bit

CODE: 009988

$48.64 ($53.50 inc GST)
Stainless steel with low port mouthpeice

Kimberwick Mullen Mouth Bit

CODE: 013860

$45.41 ($49.95 inc GST)
Stainless steel with straight mouthpeice

Myler Eggbutt with Hooks MB 05, Size 5"

CODE: 89-30055

$145.41 ($159.95 inc GST)
Stainless Steel Eggbutt with Hooks with Stainless Steel Medium Wide Port Comfort Snaffle (MB 05, Level 3) Copper Inlay Mouth 5" More

Myler Quick Links

CODE: 89-0021

$18.14 ($19.95 inc GST)
Stainless Steel Quick Links (1 pair) Works with your English Bit to safely secure the curb chain to the bit instead of using hooks. More

Tom Thumb Snaffle Bit S/S

CODE: 010218

$27.23 ($29.95 inc GST)

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