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Saddle Accessories

4 3/4" Lightweight Aluminium English Stirrups

CODE: 0148405

$68.18 ($75.00 inc GST)
FG Collection
Black 4-3/4" Lightweight Aluminum Fillis Stirrup  More

Aluminum Engraved Offset Show Stirrup

CODE: 014812

$154.50 ($169.95 inc GST)
*Leather wrapped *Comfortable Shape *A very popular showing stirrup *3" Neck *5-1/4" W x 5-1/2" H, Inside *2" Wide Foot Pad x 7" Total Height More

Aluminum Engraved Roper Stirrup

CODE: 014813

$145.41 ($159.95 inc GST)
*Leather Wrapped *Large Size *Wide Band *Standard shape for Ropers *3" Neck *5-1/4" W x 5" H, Inside *2-3/4" Wide Foot Pad x 7-1/2" Total Height More

Aluminum Stirrups, Engraved 2" Visalia

CODE: 014707

$154.50 ($169.95 inc GST)
  2 " engraved Aluminium Visalia Stirrups

Aluminum Stirrups, Leather Tread 1" Visalia

CODE: 014705

$118.14 ($129.95 inc GST)
1" Visalia Narrow Band Aluminum Stirrup --- *Leather Wrapped *Narrow Band *3" Neck *5-1/8" W x 5" H, Inside *1" Wide Foot Pad x 7" Total Height  More

Back Girth Set

CODE: 014717

$72.68 ($79.95 inc GST)

Quality Harness Leather back girth set; 1 1/2" wide leather flank cinch with connector strap. Measures 46" shortest and 65" longest length.

Black Compositi Profile Stirrups, Child

CODE: 004820

$31.77 ($34.95 inc GST)
This strong but lightweight 2 bar stirrup is made from super tough resins, produced by DuPont du Nemours, who guarantee its properties.  Rubber... More

Black Steel Jointed Stirrups

CODE: 018401

$63.59 ($69.95 inc GST)
Provide great flexibility Made of black steel with black finish, pads and rubber guards to conceal movement and give a cleaner look

Leather Stirrup Hobbles Flared

CODE: 013917

$31.82 ($35.00 inc GST)
Leather Stirrup Hobbles Flared 30cms

Leather Stirrup Hobbles Straight

CODE: 013918

$16.32 ($17.95 inc GST)
Leather Stirrup Hobbles Straight 30cms x 1.5cms

Off Side Billet Leather

CODE: 005510

$36.32 ($39.95 inc GST)
Single Ply Off Strap 1-1/2” x 36” LEATHER OFF BILLET

Rawhide Covered Stirrups

CODE: 011907

$154.50 ($169.95 inc GST)
Rawhide covered western stirrups with leather lacing. Features 3" neck, 3 1/2" tread and stirrups are 5 1/2" wide. More

Ride-In Saddle Cover

CODE: 015783

$49.95 ($54.95 inc GST)
Shower Proof Nylon, lined Rde-In saddle covers, have elastic strap at each corner to affic to saddle and elastic on stirrup ends to put stirrups... More

Saddle Case

CODE: 015298

$145.41 ($159.95 inc GST)
**AVAILABLE IN BLACK ONLY. These padded saddle cases will protect your valuable saddle with their nylon outer/inner linings and padding between the... More

Stainless Steel Stirrups

CODE: 02196

$63.59 ($69.95 inc GST)
English Stainless Steel Stirrups Stainless steel in the preferred  weight Comes with rubber pads 11 cms clearance More

Stockman's Saddle Bag

CODE: 017006

$73.59 ($80.95 inc GST)
This 11” x 9 1/2” brown leather saddle bag has finely stitched edging, solid brass hardware and staps for attachment to saddle. More

Web Cinch Strap

CODE: 014078

$13.59 ($14.95 inc GST)

Quality webbing Cinch strap, 1 3/4" wide and 69" long

Web Off Billet

CODE: 012362

$13.59 ($14.95 inc GST)

Quality webbing off Billet strap, 1 3/4" wide and 39" long

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