Rodeo King Hats - 4 Generations of Value, Quality and Service.

Date Posted:20 February 2024 

Rodeo King Hats - Proudly Made in the USA since 1921

4 Generations of Value, Quality and Service.

4 generations of the Alboum family

The W. Alboum Hat Company understand the importance of tradition. In fact, when you put on a Rodeo King hat and feel that fine American-made craftsmanship, you're continuing a tradtion that stretches back four generations.

From the time William Alboum made his first hat using the skills he learned as a young man in Europe all the way up to today, Rodeo King have comitted themselves to making western hats that folks across America and around the world are proud to wear every day.

But there's more to a Rodeo King hat than just top-quality craftsmanship. Their tradition is also built on a straightforward promise - a promise that simply states they'll always produce great-looking, high quality, American-made hats and offer them at a fair price.

That promise and a few sample cases of hats were all William's son, Albert, carried with him when he boarded a train in New Jersey and headed west shortly after World War II. Before getitng on that train, he asked his father when he should return. The answer was simply: "When you have a lot of orders."

Turns out, that handful of hats an that promise were all he needed. he came home with orders from some of the biggest names in western wear from places like Denver, Albuqerque and Rapid City. The rest, as they say, is history. In 1975, Stuart Alboum built on the foundation laid by his father and grandfather with the addition of their uniform hat division, which produces straw and felt hats for law enforcement officers across America. Then in 1993, he unveiled their exclusive line of hats, Rodeo King.

As the fourth generation, Justin Alboum, now carries on this proud tradition, it's his goal to build on the foundation and heritage started by his great-grandfather while staying true to is simple ideals. And one day hopes to be reading a similar promise made by his son, William, the fifth generation of the W. Alboum Hat Company.


Where are Rodeo King hats made?

The W.Alboum Hat Company still operates out of New Jersey in the USA.


Are Rodeo King Hats good quality?

Like many American hat brands Rodeo King use the X system to diferentiate between the quality of their hat styles. Ranging from their wool felt blend 3X, to 5X, 7X, 10X, and a beaver and rabbit fur blend 100X.

At Horsemans Trading Post we have been stocking Rodeo King hats for over 30 years and continue to enjoy supplying them to the Australian market as a good American western style hat.

We currently keep a range of both the 3X and 7X styles.

The 3X is a slightly thicker and rougher felt, but holds its shape well if cared for properly, and is easy to reshape. It is a good starter hat for showing, or for someone who only wants to wear their hat occasionally.

The 7X is a finer felt allowing for a crisper shape. It holds its shape well and can handle more heavy wear. It is also easy to reshape time and time again.

Both styles have a self coloured felt hat band with silver buckle, full satin lining, and leather sweatband.

Rodeo King hats are always a great option!

Rodeo King Hat Colours

What size Rodeo King hat am I?

To find your size, use a soft tape measure (or a piece of string, and measure it afterwards) and place it around your head - 1/2" above your ears (approx a fingers width), above your eyebrow ridge, and through the centre of the back of your head.

hat measuring examples 

This is your hat size in cm - but not in inches - see the table below for the conversion.

If you are a half size it is better to go up instead of down, as a little padding can be added to a loose hat, where as a tight hat will give you a headache.

Hat Size Hat/Head Size CM Head Size IN
6 1/2" 52cm 20 1/4"
6 5/8" 53cm 20 3/4"
6 3/4" 54cm 21 1/8"
6 7/8" 55cm 21 1/2"
7" 56cm 21 7/8"
7 1/8" 57cm 22 1/4"
7 1/4" 58cm 22 5/8"
7 3/8" 59cm 23"
7 1/2" 60cm 23 1/2"
7 5/8" 61cm 23 7/8"

Rodeo King hats come in an oval shape. If you order your correct size but find that it doesn't fit because it is:

1. Too tight all over - try remeasuring and go up a size (ask a friend to help as it can be tricky by yourself)

2. Too loose all over - try remeasuring and go down a size (or more depending on how loose)

3. Too tight at the front and back but loose on the sides OR too loose at the front and back but tight on the sides - your head is a slightly different shape to the hat. In store we use steam to help this process, but at home you can simply place your fingertips inside on the sweatband at the front & back or sides (where it is tight) and gently pull on both at the same time and hold once pulled for 20 seconds. Try the hat on again, and repeat this until the shape fits better. Hats will also naturally mould to your head shape over time so as long as it is comfortable to start it doesn't need to be perfect.


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