5 foot long redhide stockwhip with 4 plait.


This whip comes with a 4 plait red hide. The Red Hide gives the handle greater grip, which is needed on a work whip. A great whip for anyone starting off in whip cracking and wanting a whip that will take a lot of wear and tear. A great length for any kid around the age of 12 and up. What I would class as a good all round whip, whether it be for cattle work on foot or hobby whip cracking routines. A great length for women of average height.

Also the length required by women and girls who compete in stock horse class

The specification is as follows:

  • 20 inches in the stock {handle}
  • 60 inches in the thong
  • 26 inches in the fall
Add to this the length of your arm to determine overall reach.
SKU 012523
Brand Nemeth Whips
Shipping Weight 1.0500kg